H2-BOX-photo1 H2-BOX-photo2 H2-BOX-photo3 H2-BOX-photo6 H2-BOX-photo7 H2-BOX-photo4 H2-BOX-photo5 H2-BOX-photo-in-2 H2-BOX-photo-in-3 H2-BOX-photo-in4 H2-BOX-photo-in-1

H2 BOX is an extension showroom of H2 CONDO displaying typical room unit.   Because building size is considerably small, abstract white box is floated in order to draw attention from street. Space underneath is arranged for welcome space and seating area, as in Thai traditional house.

H2 BOX is covered by the lace outer skin for privacy and sunshade. Such simple element, triangle, in different sizes is composed to create intricate lace pattern. Delicate lace pattern on the outer skin creates fine shadow into interior space. The pattern is gradually opened up at the middle part and become more solid at top and bottom portions. “Mysterious vision creates curiosity.” The Box is covered by the outer skin, barely seen internal space, creates the attention of people passing by.

Project logo is integrated into pattern design as single identity.   During day time, the view from interior space thru outer skin seems like viewing thru intricate curtain lace. At night, from the outside, it becomes delicate light box.

Normally, the temporary use of sale gallery requires the project to be built in short time and small budget. In this particular case, CNC perforated Plastwood is used for durable and economic reasons. However, H2 BOX still creates strong impact to people.


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