The Honor clubhouse, located near Ram Inthra-At Narong Expressway, is served as  reception hall for 12 residences.   It is started with intention to keep existing rain trees.  Neighborhood gathering front yard is created by locating clubhouse as a back drop behind the trees.  To set clubhouse underneath the umbrella of existing rain trees, one can see panoramic view of park from inside.  H beam Steel structure with inserted wood cladding is introduced in order to make the building appear to be floating and light.  Wood louver screen acts as an envelope around the inside glass box, creating sun shading device along with delicate shadow.  The screen wraps along the wall and ceiling continuing from outside to inside.  The rain trees from outside is reflected into the interior space on the black mirror wall, creating the outside-in space effect.  Floating library box inside the space expresses the concept of tree house like.  It also acts as intermediate space connecting between lobby and fitness on upper level.


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