is located on Phaholyothin road. The program is for displaying mock-up rooms of two location condominiums, Modiz interchange and Modiz station. The concept of design is a link between the two condominiums together.

Building orientation along the site, the building has long rectangular shape. The lobby located in the middle of the building is easy to access to each condominium mock-up rooms.

Façade design emphasizes on the North-east side, which is the main approach of building. The interior skin is composed of the concrete structure and glazing while the expose skin consists of the laser-cut plaswood panel and steel structure. Façade was designed to connect by the oblique lines and pattern from Modiz’s logo octagon shape. This pattern which has solid and void control visibility between indoor and outdoor.

Sunlight in the morning considerably affects the building envelope, therefore, there is the façade to prevent from sunlight. When sunlight shines through the façade, it creates shadow forming a pattern that changes by the sun

Façade extends from the building, creating a semi-exterior space which is between the facades and building for used as a covering walkway around the building. In transition area is the exchange of space for the attraction to users.


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